When Pigs Fly Slot Features

The slot has a feel of Netent animation video slots with the innovative layout found on the reels to keep the players engaged. Check out the various cartoon symbols from netentcasino to get the protagonist portraits and balloons with question marks to engage you in the game.

When Pigs Fly Game Tutorial

The most exciting thing for the new players who play the game is the reel layout. From the left side, the reels have been configured to have 1-3-5-3-1 design towards the right, as shown by http://www.acbonline.org . The configuration is essential when the re-spins are introduced in the game.

  • The game has a 1-3-5-3-1 configuration
  • There is a wild substitution in the game between reel 2-5

In the wild substitution found in the game, the familiar wild symbols appear on the reels numbered 2 to 5. This happens when the players are enjoying the main game or when they are redeeming the free spins. It is used as a substitute for all symbols.

When Pigs Fly Respins

Each individual can win up to 5 re-spin with the symbol found in the game. The re-spins symbols increase the chances of winning and change the slot reel layout. Two new positions open up in the reels providing players with an opportunity to create winning combinations.

In one of the re-spins, the individuals are provided with 135 ways of winning the game. The maximum 5 re-spins increase chances of winning to 1875. To access the re-spins, it will be easier to find the same bet levels and coin values when spins are being activated.

When Pigs Fly Free Spins

Re-spins are availed to all players. When the players are on the fifth re-spin, they are exposed to a winning combination. Also, they enjoy all the 8 free spins in the game. The game has 3125 ways of winning using the free spins.

With the 5-reel and 5-row layout in the game, the winning ways increase in the game. The free spins are usually played at the same level of bet and coin value as the spins that are used to activate the free spins and re-spins.

  • 5-reel and 5-row layout increase winning ways to 3125.
  • Free spins are played in the same bet level and coin value.

When Pigs Fly Bet Limits

The limits of betting and the coin values are adjustable when accessing the game. There are a maximum and a minimum coin and bet value. For the coin values, the minimum value can be set at 0.01. On the other hand, the maximum is set at 0.20.

For the bet limit range, the scope expands from €0.50 to €100. You will have a chance to win big from the betting range depending on the strategies you use when playing the game. In total, the game has 10 default bet levels.

  • Bet limit ranges from €0.50 to €100
  • The minimum coin value is 0.01 and the maximum coin value is 0.2.


Maximum Wins and Device Compatibility

Players are motivated by the revenues they expect to gain from the game. The maximum default wins when accessing the game is supposed to be €96240. In coins form, the maximum default wins set in the game extend to 481200 in coin value.

Nothing should scare you when accessing the game. When Pigs Fly can be accessed online from any device, including smartphones, tablets, and computers. Players can enjoy the game while traveling or chilling out with friends. Maximize your winning potential using the jackpot features.